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Leslie Williamson Heal Your Life Teacher in HawaiiLeslie has been involved in the Healing Arts field of work for the past 23 years; this work has taken her by plane, boat and automobile to many remote communities across Canada.  Over the years Leslie has been invited to return to communities she has worked in many times over, which speaks to her ability to create a safe and comfortable environment for participants to do the work they long to do in order to transform their lives.

There have been many wonderful teachers that have influenced the teachings Leslie offers: Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Cheryl Richardson, Louise Hay, Ainslie MacLeod, Marshall Rosenberg , Don Miguel Ruiz, and Abraham (Esther Hicks) to mention a few of them.

Leslie has received formal contemporary training from the Counsellor Training Institute, Vancouver Community College, Round Lake Treatment Centre (training in the field of addiction), The Justice Institute, Nonviolent Communication Organization and Heart Inspired Presentations—the only training organization that has been licensed and approved by Louise Hay to provide training in her Heal Your Life® work.

Leslie’s roots are founded in her First Nations culture, that teaches our connection to spirit and the understanding that we are all one. When one lives with this consciousness there is no separation from anyone or anything.

Leslie’s commitment to the work is to continue to be open to change and transformation within her own life. Each year she takes time out to sit as a student under amazing and beautiful teachers who are here today to assist us with growth and our soul’s evolution. She remains humbled and honoured to spend time with each person who chooses to attend her workshops. You can read Leslie’s Vision Statement here.

Leslie Williamson is authorized by exclusive license with Hay House Inc. to teach Louise Hay’s workshop—You Can Heal Your Life®. This training is based on the philosophies of Louise Hay, who created and taught these teachings for decades and has since passed on the honour to teach and license teachers to Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols. You can find Patricia and Rick at Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC.

Leslie has developed her skills as a teacher, trainer, key note speaker and licensed coach; she offers her services to those who will be enriched by what she has to offer.

If you are interested in having Leslie deliver a Louise Hay workshop in your community, please contact her here or by calling (250) 549-4707.


What I Know

For a long time now I have had this real sense of being on purpose. “What is my purpose?” is not a question I ask myself anymore because I know, from deep down inside me, the answer is doing what I’m doing: teaching and supporting individuals who are wanting change in their life. As I change myself and remain always in a place of openness to change, I can offer support from my experiences and from what I continue to harvest from life each day. When we can find the beauty in all our experiences, whether it’s pain or joy, an understanding emerges: we are constantly divinely taken care of. There is a bigger picture that we don’t immediately see sometimes, but eventually there is a possibility of finding what each experience has offered us. We are constantly being invited to have a deeper conversation with self, and when we do, life becomes one amazing experience after another.

My work has taken me to many places over the years where I have encountered many beautiful souls that are longing to be free from the pain that is carried in the memories of the mind. I love to be with people in this environment of soul support, through the workshops I have offered throughout the years.

Leslie Williamson

My Vision


My vision is to live in a place of love for all, and share that with all the individuals that cross my path. In a gentle way, we can shake the world, through love and acceptance, removing moralistic judgements of all people, change and transformation can and will take place.

My vision is to be a part of that movement as long as I live.

Leslie Williamson